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Sep 07,  · Buc’s Fishing Report will show you where the fish are and what kind of fish are biting. We will list where the businesses are located and what each business has to offer. Also, Buc’s Fishing Report will have ice conditions. Get Early Access to the Outdoor News Fishing Report! Be the first to know where they’re biting! The Outdoor News Fishing Report is available now. To receive this early access, simply create a free account below, and you can read the latest fishing reports days earlier than everyone else. Again, the cost is free, all you have to do is register. Northern Lake Michigan Fishing Report: September 3, Manitowoc County. Fishing success compared to last week was slower, but anglers still caught a few salmon. There were reports of a handful of salmon being caught off of the Two Rivers northern pier using either spoons or cleos.

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Fishing has been ok some places, michigan ice fishing report, but the water has michigan ice fishing report warm out for the gills and crappie north of M as the ice just went off.

Lake trout and some lake herring were caught by those jigging around Deepwater Point and along the drop-off south of the M launch. Lake trout were caught by those jigging straight out from Elk Rapids. In the Elk River, michigan ice fishing report, catch rates were hit-or-miss but steelhead were caught at the dam when using spawn in the morning. In the West Bay, perch fishing was excellent at Northport in 40 to 80 feet on both live bait and artificial baits. Perch were also caught in Bowers Harbor and east of Power Island before the winds.

Lee Point was hit-or-miss. Lake trout were caught in the morning when trolling at the south end of the bay, michigan ice fishing report. The Boardman River is producing steelhead in the early morning or evening with spawn or a jig and wax worm.

A few nice brown trout were caught at the dam. Long Lake has had some action but I have not got any feed back this week, guys are waiting for the ice to get out of Ironton on lake Charlevoix to look for perch. Michigan ice fishing report Lake: Water temperatures were still on the cool side even in the shallows so perch fishing was slow.

Fishing is finally picking up. The warm rain should really help to get things going. Anglers should find trout in the rivers however the trout opener to the north was slow because of colder air and water temperatures. Bluegills and michigan ice fishing report are being caught in the inland lakes. Walleye, bass and pike fishing continue to get better as it warms up.

Saginaw Bay: Walleye fishing off Linwood was centered around the Black Hole and 1 to 2 miles northeast of Spoils Island when boats could get out there. Body baits off planer boards was the ticket, although some boats were vertical jigging near Spoils Island. On the east side of the bay from Quanicassee to Michigan ice fishing report Port, michigan ice fishing report, walleye anglers were fishing all over the bay but no one had great success as most boats came in with only 2 or 3 fish.

Spring perch fishing is pretty much over. Walleye anglers are also catching and releasing a few smallmouth bass. A few pike were caught in the Sebewaing River. Up at Caseville, pier anglers managed to catch some walleye, one coho and some smallmouth bass.

Near Port Austin, those fishing the Pinnebog River caught suckers, pike, and smallmouth bass. A couple walleye were taken at the mouth of Bird Creek. Saginaw River: Boat anglers vertical jigging in the lower river were taking some walleye. Shore anglers at Smith Park caught mainly white bass, freshwater drum, catfish and a couple pike. Smallmouth bass were caught and released in the marinas. Tittabawassee River: Walleye fishing in the entire river from Dow Dam downstream to Green Point was excellent for the opener.

Limit catches of 5 fish per angler was common. Even the shore anglers did well when they could get to a deep hole or run. Ninety-five percent of the walleyes taken were males as the large females have moved back out to the bay. Houghton Lake: Good fishing continues in the canals for crappie and bluegills.

A few walleye were also caught. Those out trolling on the opener caught a few walleye. This coming Saturday, April 28th is the walleye, pike and muskellunge opener on the Lower Peninsula inland waters, michigan ice fishing report. Steelhead fishing continues. The remaining fish should run and spawn fairly quickly so anglers may find more steelhead for the trout opener this weekend. Conditions for the opener depend on how much rain we get this week. Many lakes in this region are still ice covered but the ice is melting quickly so anglers should wait for open water fishing, michigan ice fishing report.

Harbor Springs: The ice is beginning to melt but there was not much in the way of open water yet. Petoskey: Anglers are fishing for steelhead inside the breakwall when possible. The michigan ice fishing report was melted about halfway down the breakwall making that area fishable. Anglers are using spawn bags. There was still ice and michigan ice fishing report on the walkway and rocks so caution needs to be used.

Anglers were also fishing off the D Pier at the mouth of the river and using spawn and worms or casting spinners. Bear River: Had higher water levels as warmer temperatures melt the deep snow. There were quite a few steelhead up near the dam but anglers had a hard time landing them because of the high water levels. Most were using spawn bags and flies. Lake Charlevoix: Still had ice and anglers were waiting to see if it will be gone by the opener this weekend. If the lake opens up, the walleye and pike will likely be spawning during the opener.

Glen Arbor: Had very little fishing activity. The ramp and docks were still not in. Lake herring and a few lake trout were caught along the along the east side of the bay when jigging.

The Elk River was slow with only michigan ice fishing report couple steelhead taken on spawn in the early morning or late afternoon. In the West Bay, perch fishing was good at times in Bowers Harbor and in deep water slightly south towards Power Island.

Lee Point was hit-or-miss for perch but fish were caught off Northport, out from Clinch Park and south of Elmwood Marina. On the Boardman River, a couple steelhead were caught on spawn and wax worms. Suckers had also moved in. Frankfort: Had a couple small ice formations on the piers. Anglers caught a few brown trout near the elbow on the North Pier.

Those trolling north and south along the shoreline reported slow catch rates. Betsie River: Was producing some decent size steelhead. Anglers were catching both dark fish and some fresh fish. Arcadia: Boat and shore anglers got out but only a couple steelhead and brown trout were caught. Portage Lake: Is ice free.

Anglers have been searching for perch but had no luck. Manistee: Surface temperature michigan ice fishing report were about 39 degrees. All docks are now in at the city launch, but the fish cleaning station was still closed.

The south pier is still closed until further notice. Small numbers of brown trout and steelhead were caught off the north pier. Boat anglers picked up brown trout, michigan ice fishing report, lake trout, and the occasional steelhead when trolling rapalas in the basin and outside the piers in 9 to 14 feet. Big Manistee River: Steelhead fishing continues and the fish will run and spawn quickly now that it has warmed up. Fish should also be found in the Little Manistee. Ludington: All the docks are in at the city launch but the fish cleaning station was michigan ice fishing report closed.

Pier anglers caught steelhead and brown trout on spawn. Boat anglers picked up brown trout when trolling rapalas in 9 to 14 feet. Pere Marquette River: Has a good number of steelhead as well, michigan ice fishing report. Trout anglers will want to check out some of the major tributaries including the Middle and the Little South Branch as well as the Baldwin River.

Pentwater: Pier anglers caught steelhead and brown trout off the end of the piers. Pentwater Lake: Perch anglers reported good fishing in 40 to 50 feet with perch rigs tipped with wax worms, spikes, or minnows. A couple steelhead were caught on spawn from Longbridge Road. Muskegon Lake: Would be a good bet for the walleye opener. Perch are still being caught in 30 to 50 feet along the west end. Panfish are still in deeper water but will move in as it warms up. The pike opener should be good for those trolling crank baits or using sucker minnows.

Muskegon River: Steelhead fishing continues and warm temperatures should hasten the remaining fish to run and spawn fairly quickly. Because of that, trout anglers fishing in waters accessible to steelhead on the opener this weekend will find more steelhead than usual. Other trout streams to try in the watershed would be the Hersey and the Middle Branch Rivers. As for the walleye opener, try Croton Pond and Hardy Pond. Whitehall: Boats trolling body baits in 5 to 25 feet caught brown trout and lake trout.

Pier anglers caught steelhead and brown trout on spawn both michigan ice fishing report the channel and outside the pier heads.

Cheboygan River: Had good steelhead fishing at the lock and dam with spawn, wax worms, artificial baits and lures but did best with spawn. Spawn or a jig and wax worm also took a few fish. The Atlantics were about 20 inches and up to 6 pounds. Rogers City: Was still iced in except for the outer breakwall. A couple anglers tried for anything that would hit but had no luck. Alpena: Boat anglers venturing out were taking good catches of lake trout and a few Atlantics.


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Ice fishing is a time-honored sport. When the weather in Michigan gets colder, anglers get fishing across more than 11, inland lakes and 36, miles of rivers and streams. Popular species when the ice freezes over include panfish such as bluegill and perch as well as . Helping you discover, explore and enjoy Michigan's world-class fishing and the aquatic habitats that make it possible. Learn how we manage Michigan's fisheries for current and future generations. Managing Michigan's Fisheries. Northern Lake Michigan Fishing Report: September 3, Manitowoc County. Fishing success compared to last week was slower, but anglers still caught a few salmon. There were reports of a handful of salmon being caught off of the Two Rivers northern pier using either spoons or cleos.